Our Ministries

Workplace Chaplaincy

  • Smithfield Foods Sioux Falls (about 16 hours/week); 85% of the workforce of 3500 people were born in other countries
  • We are training & placing bilingual chaplains at commercial farms.
  • New Roots Ministry continues to aspire to help chaplaincies begin in other workplaces which have many new Americans.

Educational Opportunities

An Equipping Ministry

  • Many of our new American friends and their churches are reaching out locally, as well as to the needs of people in their former countries. Through communication, help with promotion, and non-profit set-up, we help them thrive.
  • We love hosting service groups OR individuals who want to meet our wonderful new American friends. We can host service groups up to 15 people on Saturday afternoons, probably having them help out stores owned by our friends, and visiting with our friends in other places. If you are an individual or two who would like to hang out with the Director/Pastor on a weekday afternoon, meeting a variety of fine people, please contact us.
(For latest news, stay updated with us at https://www.facebook.com/sfnewroots)